A Bridge Too Far

Adventure So Far: 1 - The Unseen Eye
The First Adventure

Our bold adventurers, answering offers of semi-decent pay (in the case of Grunten Grunoback) or unwanted family demands (the less enthusiastic Dietric von Mecklesfield) found themselves in the Red Moon Tavern in Ubersreik, where they were hired by Vern Hendrick, ostensibly to help transport Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg’s luggage to Grundwald Lodge, but in fact to investigate any potential Mysterious Goings On.

Having survived a journey filled with potholes and the occasional beastman, the party arrived, and started their investigation. Before they could complete their enquiries, however, Dietric was drugged at dinner (along with several others).

While many of the inhabitants slumbered, the lodge was attacked by beastmen, and several of the staff were killed. Grunten cut a bloody swathe through the attacking hordes, rallied the guards, and cut down the leader of the foul beasts, but the wounds of the several fights took their toll, and when he located Deitric (who had roused Aschaffenberg and several of the household servants to make a stand as best they could), the party prudently made for the coaches and beat a hasty retreat. As the group reached the gatehouse, sinister lightning flashed, and revealed on the roof of the lodge the twisted form of some foul daemonic creature of Chaos!


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